IT security systems


IT Security

IT security is crucial to keep your business safe from the outside world and protect your information as well as protecting your customers personal data.

What Quickfix Computers will do, is help design and implement an IT security plan that will be your companies protection from the outside criminal world. This type of implementation will include

  • Hardware firewalls
  • Strict company password policies
  • Internet security and anti virus
  • User access controls and permissions
  • many more…

Content Filtering

Filtering website material is becoming a major part of most businesses IT infrastructure as the access to unsuitable material for work is a huge problem for employers.

What Quickfix Computers will do, is design and implement an IT content filtering plan that can be rolled out throughout your business. This can be achieved with a hardware firewall or firewall router that supports advanced content filtering.

F-Secure Workstation/Server Security – Business

F-Secure Business Workstation/Server Security is proving to be one of the best business antivirus and internet security products that will protect your business by 99%. With the business version, your company will receive updates and protection patches faster than the home products and this is what makes F-Secure business a great product.

This F-Secure product is for servers and workstations (mac and windows) which have an annual subscription through Quickfix Computers.


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