Backup and recovery

Backup Options

Backup is a word most people either don’t understand or avoid this subject completely.

Quickfix computers has a robust backup solution that will run on each computer and backup the files that are most important to you and your family.

Our backup solution will keep up to 30 days of backups which means you will always have 30 days’ worth of backups in-case your laptop or pc fails.

Backup no longer has to be something to be afraid of as our team our here to help and will decide with you what files need to be backed up and are safe.

Disaster Recovery Solutions

For every business however big or small, you will need some form of disaster recovery plan. If you don’t currently have one, contact our support team immediately so we can put one in place as keeping your data safe is crucial to your business survival.
Quickfix will discuss your business with you and find out exactly what would need to be put in place that will make sure that if a major disaster did occur, your important information will be safe.


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